ThermGuard Molten Repel has been designed to ensure workers are protected from molten metals such as iron and aluminium.

It has been developed for those working in foundries and in large, heavy industrial manufacturing plants where the processes of smelting, casting, welding, cutting and grinding are common.

Because of the combined technology of Teflon and meta aramid the fabric provides ‘non-stick’ and heat and flame resistance properties. It means molten metal splashes are simply repelled from the surface rather than sticking, providing levels of ‘shedding’ and durability.

Molten metal splashes can stick to the surface of several types of protective garments and conduct heat through the fabric, which can lead to burn injuries and ignition of the garment.

However, this technology provides excellent shedding of molten metals and is comfortable to wear, retaining its properties for over 50 washes whilst continuing to achieve ISO 11612: D3 and E3. or visit