Harsco Corporation recently announced its subsidiary ALTEK is now able to provide complete end-to-end dross processing and environmental solutions to enable the global aluminium industry to maximise aluminium recoveries and achieve zero waste.

In May 2018, Harsco acquired U.K.-based ALTEK, a leading supplier of innovative process technology to the worldwide aluminium industry, to expand the metal recovery by-product reuse capabilities of its environmental division, Harsco Environmental (HE), into the aluminium industry. ALTEK has active equipment in over 600 locations around the world and works with customers, supplying knowledge and technology to improve operating efficiencies and productivity, reduce waste generation, and manage and extract value from waste streams.

Today, ALTEK offers a proven and scalable total dross management service. ALTEK’s innovative product range is considered the best available technology, recovering more than 45 percent aluminium, depending on existing recovery techniques, than has traditionally been possible.

“ALTEK is providing modern solutions to age-old problems, drastically reducing atmospheric pollution and pushing the aluminium industry to a zero-waste scenario through sustainable methods of producing aluminium,” said Ian Johns, Managing Director of ALTEK. “Our latest technology is designed with Industry 4.0 in mind, driving the digital transformation.”

The cost-efficient recovery of metal and other valuable materials – and environmentally safe solutions for residual waste materials – is increasingly important to the aluminium industry.

“Its properties make aluminium a vital resource for a climate neutral and circular economy, and the material of the future for applications in key sectors (including transport, construction, packaging, renewable energy technologies). These characteristics explain a projected 40 percent growth in demand for aluminium between 2019 and 2050.” (European Aluminium)

“Every cast house is an opportunity for innovation, and we are delivering end-to-end solutions that improve cast house operations, including aluminium dross processing systems,” said James Herbert, Global Sales Director of ALTEK. “The result is the best range of technology available to reduce dross generation, maximise aluminium dross recovery, improve efficiencies, and provide significant environmental and recycling benefits. As we hold a deep understanding of the process, we are also uniquely equipped to find solutions to customer problems and customise our variety of offerings to meet customer requirements.”

ALTEK is the first provider of a commercially viable and fully scalable in-house salt slag recycling solution available to the aluminium industry. The AluSalt™ salt slag processing technology enables aluminium producers to recycle metallics and salts, recover other non-metallic products (NMPs) and achieve zero waste, addressing one of the largest environmental concerns within the aluminium market.

In addition to AluSalt, the Company’s total dross management solutions include:

● ALTEK Cast Steel Dross & Slag Bins

● Tardis Gen. II Dross Press

● Melting Solutions Rotary Furnace

● Harsco Applied Products Metallurgical Additives

ALTEK has recently completed a full organisational rebrand, including a new logo, to better capture its forward-thinking and pioneering spirit. The Company has also released a digital calculator that empowers aluminium manufacturers to determine annual savings and payback period following the installation of its products. ALTEK’s tech advancements, new branding and customer value calculator encapsulate the direction the Company is headed to become the premier partner in the aluminium industry and ultimately propel the industry forward.