Hammerer Aluminum Industries invested EUR 4.5 million in a third melting furnace for recycling material for the casting at the Romanian site in Santana. Since the beginning of 2022, the new melting furnace has ensured a significant increase in capacity. This increases the recycling and remelting capacity of the HAI Group to 250,000 tons per year.

The aluminium expert Hammerer Aluminum Industries (HAI) reacted to the high demand for aluminium lightweight products by investing in a third recycling furnace at the Santana site.

The investment in a multi-chamber furnace for recycling material is an important development step for the HAI Group due to the high demand for aluminium lightweight products. “We were able to implement the project quickly and put the melting furnace into operation at the beginning of the year as planned. This means that we can now supply the market with high-quality recycling material at full capacity,” HAI CEO Rob van Gils is convinced (right).

The HAI Group relied on the machine builder Hertwich Engineering GmbH from Braunau in Upper Austria for the planning and implementation of the high-tech recycling melting furnace. The new plant for recycling material creates the essential combination of low energy consumption and maximum metal yield. An operating principle that fits into the sustainability strategy of Hammerer Aluminum Industries.

The sustainability strategy is a core issue at Hammerer Aluminum Industries. With a lot of commitment, innovative strength and high investments, the HAI Group is pushing the transformation towards a sustainable circular economy in the aluminium sector. “Customers and investors are demanding a real transformation towards sustainable management, in ecological and social terms. The topics of CO2 emissions and the circular economy will continue to gain in importance. With a recycling rate of up to 80%, our company is a pioneer in the aluminium industry. We are highly motivated to further advance these processes”, explains CEO Rob van Gils the importance of investing in another recycling furnace.

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Photocredit image 1: Hertwich

Photocredit image 2: HAI