Hammerer Aluminium Industries pursues a consistent green energy strategy. Due to its massive commitment, the company has been able to improve its carbon footprint significantly.

Hammerer Aluminium Industries (HAI) considers green energy as an important pillar in the strategy for aluminium products with a sustainable performance.

100 % electricity from renewable energy sources
By purchasing 100 % CO2-neutrally produced electricity from renewable energy sources HAI is committed to the green energy revolution. At the two largest locations of the HAI group, in the Austrian Ranshofen and German Soest, HAI has relied on “green energy” for 2 years now. Due to this change we were able to save around 21,000 tons of CO2 at both locations in 2020. Since January 2021 also the two Romanian locations have been provided with electricity from renewable energy sources. Thus, a major part of the HAI Group has completed the energy revolution.

"Green energy is part of our uncompromising sustainability strategy along the entire value-added chain. Thus, we emphasise our effort to contribute to a better future and show that aluminium is part of the solution for the ambitions of the EU Green Deal."

Rob van Gils, CEO of the HAI group

Photovoltaic system in Ranshofen further extended by 3,000 m²
Also the company locations are used to produce environmentally friendly energy. The photovoltaic system with an area 6,300 m² which was installed on the roofs of the HAI in Ranshofen in 2019 was extended by a collector area of further 3,000 m² at the beginning of 2021. Thus, one of the largest photovoltaic self-consumption systems in Austria was further extended. Over the last few years HAI was able to save approx. 500 tons of CO2 annually at the location Ranshofen with solar power generated on its own roofs. Due to a further extension of the photovoltaic system this value will further increase. Further photovoltaic projects at other company sites are waiting in the wings.