The new system will be handling extrusions that are 25kg/m in weight and will have a maximum length of 50m.

The Log Heating System consists of a Granco Clark High Efficient, Hot Jet Log Heating Furnace and a new Granco Clark Hot Billet Cutting Saw (HBCS).

Upon the hot extrusion exiting the press, a Granco Clark “Flying Cut” Double Puller System will lead the extrusion through the 20m Lead-out conveyor towards the 50m Run Out Table. The “Flying Cut” System will allow Indalum to cut the extrusion without interupting the extrusion cycle.

While the Puller System is performing its duty, it’s also pulling the hot extrusion through the Granco Clark Model 28, Progressive High Pressure Quench System that is capable of high pressure water spray, high velocity air and mist. This High performance Quench System is designed to stabilise the shape first and then quench to Indalum’s desired metallurgical properties and exit temperature.

The extrusions are then handed off from the puller system to the belt cooling table where they are handled with care and delivered directly to the jaws of the new Granco Clark 150 T Segmented Cam Jaw Stretcher to be straightened through the stretching process.

The straight extrusions are then again laterally conveyed onto the saw in-feed conveyor where the extrusions will be fed to the Granco Clark Extrusion Cutting System (ECS-4010). The extrusions are cut and conveyed to the discharge belts where they are packed and sent to Indalum’s Aging Process.

The Heating and Handling Systems are controlled by Granco Clark’s Supervisory Computer System (SCS).

The new press line is scheduled to begin production in early 2014.