Granco Clark is pleased to announce the promotion of long-time team member Jason Luscombe to the position of Customer Service Manager.

Mr Luscombe has been a dedicated employee for more than 16 years. He has worked previously for Granco Clark as both a Controls Engineer and a Service Engineer. His performance in these roles has resulted in an impressive history with efficient on-site installations, and unmatched support of our customers. His contributions and quick attention to customer requests have helped us improve our reputation as a full-service company.

His strong technical abilities, and his dedication to customer success are the qualities that this position requires, making the decision to promote him an easy one for Granco Clark. His experience and his relationships within the industry are invaluable.

In assuming his new duties as Customer Service Manager, Mr Luscombe will be the first contact point for all customers. We fully expect this to allow us to provide instant answers to most questions, saving time, while reducing potential downtime losses for our customers.