Horn has announced the build of a 560 t/d end fired furnace for Bastürk Cam at its Malatya plant, Turkey.

The new furnace is designed to focus in the production of container glass with the feature of six forehearths. The furnace’s production will to contribute to a sustainable and healthy life and to respond to the diverse product demands in glass sector.

The furnace has been designed to have a melting area of 185.4 m², which will have the ability to produce flint glass. The fuel for the furnace will be by means of Natural Gas or Back-up Diesel oil burners.

Horn’s furnace has a scope of supply encompassing the engineering of the refractory and steel structure, the Combustion System, Boosting System, Measuring and Control equipment, a new Horn HVR 600F batch charger, supervision of erection, heat-up and commissioning.

Installation of he furnace is planned to start in the second quarter of 2022.

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