Gillespie & Powers Inc. have announced the purchase of the Thorpe Holding Company, including Thorpe Technologies Inc. and JT Thorpe Inc. all located in San Dimas, California.

Gillespie & Powers Inc. and Thorpe Technologies Inc. are two strong and successful companies, both with long standing reputations with their customers domestically and internationally. Combining the two entities resources together, the companies aim to elevate the customer experience even further and deliver maximum value with the latest technological advancements.

Mr. Jack Gillespie will be assuming the role of President of Thorpe Technologies Inc., with Mr. John Allen remaining with Thorpe Technologies Inc as Sr. Vice President.

Mr. John Peterman will remain as President of Gillespie & Powers Inc. with Mr. Jack Gillespie as Vice President / COO.

Mr. John Allen, Sr. Vice President commented on the purchase,

“Gillespie & Powers, Inc. and Thorpe Technologies have long histories of sustained excellence and common values... We’ve navigated market and technological changes over the years and assisted our customers through the transformations. This merger of two great organizations delivers increased value to our stakeholders, the customers we serve, manufacturers we represent, and our employees and owners who define us.”

Mr. John Allen, Sr. Vice President

Mr. John Peterman, President of Gillespie & Powers Inc. added:

"The acquisition of Thorpe Technologies by Gillespie & Powers, Inc. positions two great companies very well for a strong future… Each of us brings complementary strengths in terms of our teams, product lines, service offerings, and geographical regions we serve. In addition, because we will remain a private company, we can be closer to our customers and anticipate their needs with the flexibility and agility required to support their business objectives in a fast-moving world."

Mr. John Peterman, President of Gillespie & Powers Inc.

This merger, claims Gillespie & Powers, provides increased Engineering Capabilities, Production, Construction, and Management capabilities to our customers. The combined companies can now offer a complete Cast House, Recycling Facility, Thermal Treatments or Incineration equipment.

The company has stated that they will continue to offer Maintenance, Repair, Parts, Modifications and Upgrades for existing equipment

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