The 2017 GAC Community Service Award goes to the employee volunteers of Sohar Aluminium.

GAC introduced its first community award at Arabal Conference 2017 in Oman and the objectives are to recognise the initiatives in social responsibility and acknowledge the contributions made by GAC members in balancing corporate social responsibility and successful development of their business.

Sohar Aluminium employees completed 885 man hours on community volunteering work with the involvement of 175 employees.

The volunteer activities were different; all the areas of work and contacts came from the employees themselves, using their close contacts with the community to identify the community’s needs.

Example of some of the projects carried out by Sohar Aluminium
1. Building plastic recycling units for schools to teach students
about recycling and promoting recycling culture.
2. Fitting fans and building shades in local schools to mitigate
heat stress during summer.
3. Maintaining facilities and equipments in sports clubs, health
centers and public parks including construction of ramp for
disabled at the local health center.
4. Cleaning coral reefs, beaches and some roads.
5. Visiting schools during summer for heat stress campaigns or
sick patients in remote area to provide medical awareness.
6. Initiating road safety campaign in schools, exhibitions and local

The employee’s volunteer program improved personal fulfilment of individuals working as volunteer, enhanced team spirit by bringing people from different departments across different functions working together for a common cause.