Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba) finished the first half of 2016 by attaining its Four Million Plant-wide Hours without Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) on Wednesday, June 29th 2016.

This achievement comes in line with “Ramadan Safety Challenge” and in line with the CEO's expectations for 2016 where departments are tasked with the objective of completing the holy month of Ramadan without any cases of Lost Time Injuries (LTIs), Heat Stress related-injuries or accidents while meeting the production targets.

Many awareness sessions and safety visits were conducted by Alba Management team in the presence of Alba Labour Union and Alba Trade Union members with special emphasis on healthy eating habits, road safety and attaining sufficient amount of sleep before reporting to duty.

Commenting on this achievement, Alba’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Murray, said: “We, at Alba, believe that safety is a perpetual journey that bonds employees together under one common goal 'stay safe'. Safety is our long-term strategic goal that is linked directly to our bottom line. We are pleased to achieve 4 Million working hours without LTIs as of to date and will strive to stretch this record going into the months of July and August.

I would like to thank all employees and contractors for their contribution and active participation in the Ramadan Challenge and wish them and their family a safe summer season.”