A team from recycling not-for-profit, Every Can Counts, is taking part in Red Bull’s famous Soapbox Race this weekend (Sunday 3rd July).

The four-person crew have designed and built a recycling-themed soapbox to tackle the course in front of thousands of spectators at London’s Alexandra Palace.

Every Can Counts’ part-can, part-plane soapbox design will take on an obstacle-filled, downhill track, racing against 70 other teams in the hope of crossing the finish line with the fastest time.

The team’s participation aims to inspire people to do the right thing with their empty drink cans by highlighting the infinite recyclability of cans and the many uses for aluminium as a material.

To create the soapbox structure, Every Can Counts has partnered with Leicestershire-based Cyclone Works who design and manufacture custom bikes. The soapbox has taken the team 18 weeks to make, from drawing to finished product.

Every Can Counts’ UK Programme Manager, Chris Latham-Warde will pilot the soapbox with Alupro’s Executive Director, Tom Giddings. Cyclone Works’ Paul Bacon and Lee Cox complete the team as the expert engineers behind the can-shaped creation.

Chris Latham-Warde said: “I’ve watched the Soapbox Race on TV for years and our team of recycling ambassadors have attended previously, but I never thought I’d actually be taking part! It just felt like a fantastic opportunity to spread our recycling message in an exciting new way.

“We want to use the race to reach as many people as possible and show how important recycling drink cans is. People might not think too much about what happens when you put an empty can in a recycling bin, but they can be recycled, refilled and back on shop shelves in just 60 days – or they could even be recycled into something else made from aluminium, like a bicycle or part of a car or plane – or maybe even part of a soapbox!

“We’ll be representing recyclers everywhere when we take to the course this weekend, so we really want to finish the race – which is an achievement in itself – and hopefully set a good time. Wish us luck!”

Every Can Counts is a unique partnership formed between drink can manufacturers, drink can fillers and the wider recycling industry, all with the goal of reaching a 100% recycling rate for drink cans.