It said in its decision that the duties were up to 30% as a punishment to Chinese exporters for selling the product at below cost, or dumping. The tariffs on Brazilian products are 17.6%, Armenia’s are 13.4%.

The EU accepted an offer by Brazil’s Companhia Brasileira de Aluminio to sell at a minimum price in return for an exemption from the anti-dumping duty. It rejected a similar proposal by Armenia’s Rusal-Armenal company.

The five-year duties came after six-month provisional duties expired.The six-month levies were up to 42.9%.

The EU staged a probe into the products from the three countries began in July 2008 after receiving a dumping complaint by the European Association of Metals. The measure covers foil in rolls up to 650mm wide and a weight exceeding 10kg, with a thickness between 0.008mm and 0.018mm.