A new EU directive may raise the bar further, requiring Norway to maintain a proper chemical and ecological standard in all bodies of water by the end of 2021.

To fulfill all the requirements, Hydro has recently completed a review of the company's management of biological diversity and created a plan for meeting environmental objectives in the future.

With power plants in the Røldal/Suldal, Eastern Telemark and Indre Sogn regions of Norway, in addition to Otra in the south and partly-owned plants in the middle of Telemark, all of Hydro's regulated watercourses and reservoirs are located in and around national parks and protected areas.

In accordance with its concession conditions, Hydro Energy operates all power plants in a way that ensures proper water levels in reservoirs and meets minimum water discharge in rivers. In addition, Hydro stocks more than 85,000 trout and salmon fingerlings each year in rivers, lakes and the ocean - in Sogn these small fish even come from Hydro-operated fish farms.

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