RUSAL, Metal business of En+ Group has announced its partnership with Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd, a large-scale modern aluminium processing enterprise, to deliver low-carbon aluminium products in response to the growing market demand.

This partnership will build on both companies’ expertise, underpinning the drive towards low-carbon future. RUSAL’s strategic supply of low-carbon primary aluminium under ALLOW brand will be delivered to Mingtai’s plants, including the new Gwangyang rolling mill in South Korea. The Gwangyang complex will commence its operations in Q3 2021, delivering products with reduced carbon footprint.

ALLOW, crafted using renewable hydropower generated by En+ Group’s assets, will enable Mingtai Aluminum to offer products with a carbon footprint several times lower than the industry average. En+ Group is the world’s largest producer of low-carbon aluminium. ALLOW average carbon footprint of 2.4 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per tonne of aluminium produced (Scope 1&2, at smelter). This is in line with the evolving market requirement for low-carbon aluminium of no more than 4 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per tonne of aluminium produced, which is several times lower than the global average of around 12 tonnes (Scope 1&2, at smelter).

In addition to this, Mingtai and RUSAL will work together as part of a collaborative undertaking on their research and development activities to produce innovative alloys and develop new mould dimensions.

Lord Barker, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of En+ Group, said: “I am pleased that En+ Group Metals segment represented by RUSAL has partnered with Mingtai. This clearly indicates China and South Korea’s forward-looking drive towards carbon neutrality. This is a transformational business opportunity generated by the growing market demand for more sustainable aluminium products. This partnership will deliver excellent quality while providing substantial societal and environmental benefits”.