“With the shift towards aluminium EMT continuing to grow, we are excited to see that more distributors are understanding its benefits to the industry,” said Louis Whittemore, national sales manager for American Conduit by Sapa. “This approval of Bridgeport fittings for our aluminium EMT makes it easier than ever for electrical engineering design-firms and contractors to choose a complete UL listed EMT solution that is American made, green, and highly cost-effective.”

EMT is a metal conduit that is commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings. Though EMT has been commonly made of steel, aluminium EMT shows a variety of benefits over traditional steel EMT, attesting to aluminium’s growing importance as a material of choice for engineering firms and contractors. 

In addition to being a highly sustainable material, aluminium EMT has a number of industry-specific benefits. Aluminium EMT is approximately one-third the weight of steel EMT, which greatly reduces installation costs. The oxide film coating which naturally forms on aluminium EMT makes it a corrosion resistant, aesthetically pleasing, maintenance-free product with no risk of rust, even after extended years of exposure. Additionally, unlike steel, aluminium is non-ferrous and non-magnetic. This can lower the amount of conductor de-rating that can be required for steel, improving both savings and performance while providing a superior ground return path.

The American Conduit line of EMT meets UL797 standard, just like traditional EMT, but uses a 6005 alloy of at least 98.5% pure aluminium, offering a more cost-effective solution to address metal conduit needs. American Conduit aluminium EMT is available in sizes ½” to 4” in diameter.