Ramp up to full production at EMAL began in December with the delivery of the first crucibles of molten metal from the aluminium smelter to the plant casthouse. The first metal was cast into 650kg sow ingot.

The casting of the first metal means that EMAL has begun to deliver its value added products to customers in the first quarter of 2010, well ahead of schedule.

Cast house production will continue to expand over time, with the production mix expanding from sow ingots to standard ingot, sheet ingot, tee ingot and extrusion billet. Once fully operational, the production capacity of the cast house will reach 975kt/y.

EMAL energised the first of 756 pots on 1 December 2009, ahead of the Q1 2010 start-up previously planned. The remainder of the pots will be energised over the next 12 months.