Capacity will rise to 1.3Mt/y on completion of its planned phase II project, the state-owned firm said.

EMAL is a 50-50 joint venture between Dubai Aluminium Company Ltd (Dubal) and Mubadala Development Co (Mubadala), Abu Dhabi's investment vehicle.

The company, which supplies customers in 36 countries, first started production from its $5.7bn project located at Al Taweelha in Abu Dhabi in January 2010.

The Phase II project will involve construction of a new potline within the EMAL complex at Al Taweelah.

The line will comprise 444 reduction cells powered by increasing the onsite power plant capacity to 3000MW, which will yield an additional production capacity of 520kt/y. The new generation DX+ Reduction will be installed, which operates at 420kA.

EMAL will also upgrade the technology installed in the phase I project, it said, a project that will take the production yield from the existing 756 cells (in two potlines) by 50kt/y to 800kt/y by the end of 2012.

The firm expects to complete the second phase in 2013-2014.