The US company won the award for its web platform detailing the requirements and safety guidance documents of each plant. It means carriers are informed beforehand of every requirement both at the loading and unloading points.

This system, currently in place for Alcoa’s Spanish smelters, and other measures such as the optimisation of traffic flow in plants, has helped to minimise the risk of accidents between trucks, mobile equipment and personnel, and reduced waiting times for carriers by up to 50%.

Hydro’s Nenzing in Austria and Bellenberg based in Germany won second place with their initiative to offer a free of charge anonymous external psychological helpdesk run by specialists for employees.

Workers are offered confidential external assistance available from their work place, so that the work place itself becomes a place of confidence and relief.

Alcoa’s San Ciprian plant (Spain) won third prize for its electronic equipment that captures and analyses the physical movements of workers. The system enables to analyse any sequence of any work process as it is being carried out, and helps identify and eliminate unnecessary efforts.