The aluminium rolling and recycling company, whose CEO Phil Martens has aspirations to use 80% recycled content in all its production by 2020, walked away with the prestigious Jury Prize and two Special Prizes at the 2012 European Aluminium Awards, held at the exhibition.

Tadeu Nardocci, Novelis' senior vice president and president (Europe) said the company was honoured to be recognised as a catalyst for innovation. "The awards acknowledge and honour the skill and talent of our people for continuously breaking new ground in the aluminium industry," he said.

Novelis won the Jury Prize for its aluminium facade panels at the Titanic Belfast complex in Northern Ireland. The facade in question is entirely covered in geometrically complex anodised aluminium panels.

The company won its first Special Prize for its Clearky 105 anti-graffiti aluminium surface and its second for a three-piece tailored welded blank for the Mercedes SL. The unit features in the transmission tunnel of the new SL and uses a new Novelis alloy that is claimed to provide enhanced crash safety and strength.

More good news for Novelis comes in the shape of Phil Martens being named one of the top 25 CEOs in the world by the Best Practice Institute.

"Phil was chosen as one of the top 25 CEOs in the world because of his strong views on the importance of talent management," said Louis Carter, president and CEO of the Best Practice Institute.

Martens believes that to build real value as a CEO you have to appreciate the contribution of the people who work for you, with you and around you. "The most successful organisations have active talent acquisition and development programmes firmly in place," he said.