There was further good news for the company’s Casting Operations, which produced more than 1Mt of finished aluminium products for the second consecutive year.

Abdulla Kalban, Dubal President & CEO said the number of aluminium reduction cells in its plant had increased more than three-fold since its inception in 1979, from 360 pots to 1573 pots. The company’s production had increased from 135kt/y at inception to 1002414Mt/y in 2010.

The improved productivity, capacity and efficiency of Dubal’s operations was achieved while maintaining environmental standards—particularly reduced energy consumption and emissions.

“In 2010, the specific energy consumption of our DX Technology pots was less than 13.05kWh/kg aluminium — which is very favourably against the world average of 15.8kWh/kg aluminium for our industry,” said Kalban.

“Perfluorocarbon emissions from our DX Technology cells were contained at 0.008CO2eqmt/mt aluminium, which is far lower than the industry average of 0.27CO2eq/mt aluminium”.

Dubal is a government owned, primary aluminium producer and is home to one of the world’s largest single-site smelters in terms of annual capacity.