The furnace with a capacity of 11m3 has a rear-tap out system, high temperature lined hood and ducting, and a twin burner system.

Following expansion into secondary aluminium recycling OCMA placed an order for a new furnace last year. The furnace was delivered in November and is planned to be commissioned early in 2010.

The furnace is designed with an extra-wide mouth (1800mm) and the remote controlled rear tap-out system enables molten aluminium to be cast with the furnace door closed. This eliminates any air ingress during pouring and ensures metal is cast in ideal conditions. With the rear-tap system no metal is retained in the dross, there is no temperature increase and metal recovery is maximised.

Metal may be tapped into transfer ladles or jumbo sow moulds. OCMA, based in Ascoli Pice, has already ordered a second unit which was due for delivery at the end of 2009.