Moduloc has years of experience in supplying laser measurement systems to the steel and aluminium industries in Quebec, Canada.

Moduloc provides specialised products for liquid level control including digital laser camera sensors for molten metal level measurement, actuators for controlling the pour and control systems to support the hardware.

The Moduloc system incorporates a high resolution digital camera laser sensor which provides molten metal level measurement to less than 0.5mm.

The laser and camera system enables a narrow triangulation angle to be used. This means the camera and laser can be mounted together in a compact housing positioned well above the molten metal surface.

Systems are modular designed and easy to install. Digital technology means immunity to smoke steam and dust problems and low maintenance costs. Camera replacement can be achieved without disturbing the mounting configuration.

Moduloc systems can be customised to suit billet or slab casting layouts and supplied with sensors, actuators and plc control.