Hammerer Aluminum Industries (HAI) is fully committed to digitisation. Under the motto "Digital HAIway", 20 million euros will be invested in the digital transformation of the HAI Group's processes over the next four years.

"Digital HAIway" for relief and optimal positioning

In the last 15 years, the Upper Austrian HAI Group has invested around 300 million euros in high technology and is now one of the largest medium-sized companies in the aluminium processing industry in Europe. In order to ensure optimal structures for future growth and innovations, HAI relies on a digitisation offensive. With 20 million euros, all processes along the value chain will be strengthened and optimised over the next four years.

“We see digitisation as an opportunity to keep product quality and processes at an excellent level. On the other hand, we focus on relieving our employees – digital processes offer great potential when designing attractive workplaces. At the center of all digital projects is the human being, who is to be served by digitisation”, explains CEO Rob van Gils the motives at HAI.

Hermann Kaineder, CDO HAI-Group (right)

Digitisation along the value chain

The "Digital HAIway" is followed by many project modules at the aluminium experts in Ranshofen. The ERP system is converted to the latest version S/4HANA. Plant operation at the HAI locations is optimised with predictive maintenance. An Internet of Things (IoT) landscape and big data analytics support a differentiated database for process optimisation. New shop floor solutions and working with low-code technology will enrich the working world in all departments at HAI. “Our digitisation offensive should enable even more targeted, better work in all areas of work. With this mission, we will drive the project modules forward over the next four years,” explains CDO Hermann Kaineder.

Active change management – ​​shaping the future together

At HAI in Ranshofen, everyone knows that the "Digital HAIway" must not be a one-way street. The innovations as a common opportunity to live is at the center of all activities, emphasises Hermann Kaineder: “We attach particular importance to involving all employees in this process and taking them with us. Digitisation can only work with people. That is why we will start a real offensive in the knowledge management of all colleagues. We don't want to replace people, we want to simplify their everyday work.

Rob van Gils, CEO HAI-Group (left)

"IT trainees and specialists for large projects welcome

In order to promote the future project of the HAI Group, ambitious career starters are sought as IT trainees for information technology and digital transformation processes. As part of the 18-month traineeship, graduates from secondary schools and young academics with an IT focus receive further training. Decisive skills for accompanying change processes can be collected. Since HAI sees itself as a large team, responsible tasks and individual projects are part of the field of work right from the start.

The aluminium expert also offers attractive positions with maximum development potential in the areas of process optimisation, IT and technology. "Our course is geared towards healthy growth and so the HAI family is constantly being expanded in all areas," says CEO Rob van Gils, explaining the current opportunities for applicants at HAI.

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