UC RUSAL, Russian Aluminium, a leader in lightweight metals manufacturing, contracted Danieli for the supply of a rolling mill specifically for conducting research, to be installed at company’s Engineering and Technology Center in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

The new rolling mill will allow RUSAL researchers to perform and accelerate the development of new aluminium alloys and processes in the most comprehensive, efficient and economical way, enabling a low-risk implementation of the newly developed process knowledge.

One of the major requirements of the requested mill is the flexibility to replicate all potential rolling operations, ranging from hot rolling of thick ingots to cold rolling of thin sheets.

The technical solution to roll the requested aluminum alloys consists of a 2-high single-stand combined hot/cold reversing mill with a rolling width of 500 mm, to roll thicknesses from 100 to 1 mm.

All process parameters will be logged by a data analyzer system for detailed evaluation by the metallurgists.