The Alunorf mill in Neuss, Germany rolls aluminium coils with a width of up to 1650mm and 6mm entry thickness in several passes to a minimum final thickness of 0.2mm.

The revamp of the rolling train drive with a 25% increase in power and a 25% increase in maximum speed will enable higher thickness reductions per pass and shorter cycle times. Up to now, the stand has been driven by two DC motors.

Converteam will replace the motors, which are connected by a common shaft, with a single new 6.25MW three-phase synchronous motor and a new medium-voltage converter of the MV7000 family.

The drive train is designed for a short-time peak load of 10MW. Thanks to the new main drive, the maximum rolling speed can be increased from 1600m/min to 2000m/min. The revamp also saves maintenance costs for the drive system because the system is reduced to a single drive with a higher total power.

The KW 1, KW 2 and KW 3 cold rolling mills were revamped in recent years with Converteam automation equipment and for the most part with Converteam drive equipment too.
In two hot and five cold rolling mills, the 2000 workers of Aluminium Norf pro-duce 1.5Mt of rolled aluminium strip for pack-aging, print, construction and transport applications.