The line includes: Continuous homogenising furnace with walking beam conveyor system, turbo air cooler, water tank, control system, as well as related equipment i.e. ultrasonic station, saw stations, stacking, strapping and wrapping system for horizontal and vertical packages of the logs.

The furnace allows processing logs with diameters varying from 8’’ to 18’’ (203.2mm to 457.2mm) without having to change its performance parameters. Thanks to its multi-zone design, vertical airflow furnace technology is inherently flexible. Owing to the unique design the furnace can process batches of different alloys and diameters without necessity to empty the heating zones. The system is completely automated and ensures better energy efficiency. In a typical production solution, the whole technological line is ended with a device which cuts the logs for required length and a unit for packing prior dispatch.

The completion of the project is planned for January 2017.