The plant at Saint Florentin (department of Yonne), which specialises in high value-added products for industry and the building construction market, will spend €1M to buy new equipment for the press P2 to increase productivity.

The new equipment includes lead out table, air quenching device, run out table, hot movable saw and two new pullers, and will reduce the volume of aluminium scrap by about 500t. In addition, the modernisation of the facility will improve employee work conditions and safety.

The plant of Nuits-Saint-Georges, which supplies the automotive and industry markets, will invest €800k in the renovation of its welding system to optimise performance by reducing the volume of scrap.

The hot saw stroke and puller machines will be modernised, the cooling table and the stretcher moved and the cold saw conveyor lengthened.

Further investments will take place before the end of 2011 on the two sites, reaching a total of €2M invested in Saint-Florentin and €1.8M in Nuits-Saint-Georges.