The Switzerland based Alu Menziken Group has built a new green-field production site in Romania. On the area of about 20,000 square meters, two extrusion lines and one aluminium casthouse are now running successfully since more than a year.

The Alu Menziken Group consists the Alu Menziken Extrusion AG with two plants in Reinach and in Ranshofen and has set up the third production site in Satu Mare (Romania).

ALU-MENZIKEN has installed in Satu Mare a new remelt casthouse of 45.000 Tons/year, one 60 MN extrusion line and one 10 MN extrusion line including five ageing ovens for the heat treatment of the profiles.

Cometal Engineering SPA, the well-known Italian Company, leader in engineering, manufacturing and installation of cast houses and extrusion lines, located in Montichiari, Brescia in Italy, has acted as the turn-key supplier for the complete remelt cast house and upstream and downstream of the extrusion lines including the ageing ovens center.

The casthouse includes:

1. A twin-chamber tilting melting furnace dry sill ,85 Ton capacity, with automatic charging machine and automatic skimming machine,

2. A tilting holding furnace, 32 TON capacity

3. A complete vertical casting machine with casting tables for 5”,7”,9”and 12” billets and the related cooling system

4. A logs heads and tails cutting line

5. Two homogenizing furnaces, 45 TON capacity/each, with one cooling chamber and an automatic stacker for logs.

The two extrusion lines are characterised by last generation Cometal machines. In particular:

1. Low consumption Billet heaters, that can grant realistic and tested consumption values.

2. Very tailored cooling systems, studied to assure the metallurgical characteristics of the profiles extruded, according to their functional scopes.

3. Heat treatment ovens with very precise tolerances.

By this new important project, Cometal Engineering has confirmed itself as a “leader” in aluminium plants market. This confirmation is the results of a 40 years presence in the aluminium market and of an industrial strategy, based on consistent investments in R&D and, mainly, due to a strong attention to the growing needs of the Customers, for which Cometal Engineering wants to be not only a simply supplier, but a real partner.

Aluminum Remelt Cast House by Cometal Engineering