A unique collaboration between Ball and Belgian chocolate brand, Ovidias, sees the chocolatier bring its patented packaging concept to the commercial market. Ovidias is the only company to package its chocolates in beverage cans.

Using Ball’s 330ml can, the product comes in a range of flavours and is available to purchase through Ovidias’s own e-commerce channel, where the product and environmental benefits of packaging in aluminium cans are made clear to the consumer.

Beverage cans provide the perfect packaging format for premium chocolates; maintaining freshness and flavour as well as protecting the product during transit, whilst remaining lightweight. In addition, the can preserves the full and creamy taste of the chocolates, and delivers an intense taste experience, without the need for additives to be introduced. The can also ensures a longer shelf life, protecting the chocolates from oxidation by light or air, as well as humidity. Combining these elements with its environmental credentials, the beverage can provides the best protection to package chocolate.

Marco Turcatto, Marketing Manager at Ovidias, comments; “We decided to make the move to the beverage can format when our founder was inspired by snacks and drinks in a hotel mini-bar, which were served in cans. After careful research, we contacted Ball and through close collaboration we have been able to realise a truly unique product.”

The cans feature a wrap label, which allows for the individual selection of flavours as well as the personalisation of the cans – perfect for gifting occasions in B2B and B2C sectors.

Arjen van Zurk, Marketing Manager at Ball, adds; “The fact that manufacturers outside of the beverage sector are now looking to the aluminium beverage can as a packaging solution, affirms the clear advantages and benefits of this format. Be it the quality and consistency of product delivery, flexible and extensive branding potential, or environmental advantages, the credentials of the beverage can are clear.”

The chocolates are individually wrapped before going into the can, and then the can is filled with a small amount of nitrogen to protect it during transit. Available to purchase since mid July 2016 and supported by an e-marketing campaign, the chocolates are shipped globally.