The company predicts sales revenue to reach RMB170-180bn ($25bn) in 2010, up from RMB142bn ($20.7bn) last year.

Lu Youqing, Chinalco vice president, said his company re-started earning operating profit in August 2009, and turned prof-itable in the second half of the year. The company’s efforts to cut production costs also helped en-hance profitability.

According to Lu, in 2009, the unit manufacturing cost dropped 18% y-o-y for alumina and 17% for electrolytic aluminium. Chin-alco’s cut RMB170M ($24.9M) in financial expenses for 2009.

Chinalco will focus on seven areas in 2010. These include aluminium, inter-national trade, resources and overseas operation.

Source China Metals e-mail