Authored by Dr Morten Sorlie of Alcoa Norway and Prof Harald Oye of The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the main aim of the book is to give advice on obtaining longer cell life which can be 8 to 10 years.

Its eight chapters combine fundamental principles, laboratory experiments and plant experiences to achieve this. It discusses why early failures can occur and how to prevent them. Test methods for Quality Control are also extensively discussed. Each topic is extensively indexed in 19 pages containing some 2300 entries.

Environmental issues are also discussed and one complete chapter is devoted to the disposal of Spent Pot Linings.

Cathodes in Aluminium Electrolysis 3rd Ed, 2010 by Morten Sorlie and Harald Oye, ISBN 978-3-87017-294-7 (hardback) Pub by Aluminium-Verlag Marketing & Kommunikation, Düsseldorf 6629, priced €115.