Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), has surpassed the 30 million tonnes mark in cast metal produced.

The aluminium EGA is producing is a key component in helping to make modern life possible through its use in construction, the automotive industry, electronics and other vital everyday essentials.

In 2017 EGA experienced a record production of 2.6 million tonnes of cast metal, exceeding 2016’s 2.5 million tonnes and made EGA the third largest producer of primary aluminium outside China. This has been a sustained increase which started at 135,000 tonnes per year when production began.

EGA has focused on innovation for over 25 years. EGA’s research and technology development focuses on continual improvements in aluminium production processes and EGA has used its own technology for core processes for every expansion since the 1990s.

On average, EGA spends $9.5 million on R&D each year and smelting innovations have enabled EGA to reach the top global quartile performance in cost, efficiency and environmental responsibility according to independent industry benchmarks.

Achieving this landmark figure in 2018 highlights the benefit of EGA completing a major retrofit of all older production lines with EGA-developed technology in 2017, helping to boost production capacity while also reducing unit costs.

Abdulla Kalban, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at EGA: “EGA is one of the UAE’s most important industrial giants, and a world leader in the global aluminium sector. Reaching this figure confirms that fact and validates our commitment to innovation that has led to a sustained increase in cast metal production.

“The aluminium this organisation has produced for over a generation is helping to make a countless number of people’s modern lives possible. From the cars they drive to the buildings they live in, the 30 million tonnes of cast metal we have produced will have played a key role for people in the UAE and around the world whether they know it or not.”