CANPACK is expanding capacity in Colombia and Russia, two growing markets, by more than one billion cans annually.

The new expansion comes as companies in Colombia and Russia seek additional capacity for their products, an increase that is driven by both a focus on environmental sustainability, as well as a growth in sales.

Roberto Villaquirán, CEO of CANPACK Group commented: “We are excited to increase capacity in these markets and continue to offer clients a wide range of aluminium packaging innovations. With a renewed focus on environmental sustainability and continued growth from sectors beyond beer, soft drinks and energy drinks like wine, coffee, teas and water, more brands are turning to CANPACK to help them bring products to market.”

Under this expansion, CANPACK’s facility in Colombia will increase annual capacity by 46% from 1.3 billion cans to 1.9 billion, while CANPACK’s facilities in Russia will increase annual capacity from 1.9 billion cans to 2.55 billion cans (a 34% increase). The expansion is expected to add more than 150 full time employees (54 in Colombia and 97 in Russia).

While CANPACK is expanding capacity overall in both markets, the new line in Russia is focused on expanding capacity for the 449cl format, which is preferred by beer producers and consumers. In Colombia, CANPACK offers the 269 FIT, 330 STD, 355 STD and 473 STD formats, while in Russia, CANPACK offers the 25cl, 33cl, 33cl fit, 449cl and 50cl formats.