Ball Corporation has collaborated with leading sparkling water brand PERRIER® to produce an exclusive, limited edition can for the French and Belgium

The limited edition, titled Perrier X Wild, has seen a close collaboration between Ball and PERRIER to bring to life the colourful and vibrant designs created by rising Cuban artist, Juan Travieso.

Celebrating the wild style and natural character of the PERRIER brand, the new limited edition explores the beauty of wildlife through Travieso’s unique vision, the vibrancy of which is rendered through Ball’s high definition printing techniques and capabilities. Perrier X Wild encompasses three different and distinctive designs to “embody nature in the heart of today’s urban jungle” (Juan Travieso, 2017) including an owl, gorilla and panther.

The aluminium Sleek® and Slim cans offer brands within the soft drink category the opportunity to better communicate the premium nature of their products in a way which other packaging types are unable to achieve.