AMV Solutions, GHI SMART FURNACES and GECSA take a step forward to bring 4.0 technology closer to foundries, creating an innovative product that fully manages the melting and alloying process in steelworks, aluminium recycling plants as well as in casting plants for iron and other metals.

The alliance of these three firms, with extensive experience in the 4.0 industry and in the metal sector, results in a new digital platform for the foundry industry.

The BeyondAlea platform applies Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques in order to achieve a Digital Twin of any melting plant.

Monitoring and process control
BeyondAlea is a modular platform that covers the entire production cycle of any type of foundry. The platform covers and monitors the entire process, from the raw materials purchasing and equipment management up to the final product quality control.

It allows to achieve complete traceability and reduce the risk of defects, since it can correct anomalies in real time.

The Beyond Alea platform allows the companies to have:

• Advanced sensorization: Specifically designed sensors along the whole process that automatically report data to the information systems.

• Monitoring: Monitoring of the production process and detection and correction of anomalies in real time.

• Charges optimisation: Lower cost charges, considering the variability (composition, availability, cost) of the raw material and the final specification of the alloy.

• Scheduling: Process planning adapted to the plant’s workflow. Accurate control of capacities, equipment availability and operation times.

• Quality improvement: Reduction of faults, real time corrections and consistent final product thanks to the continuous improvement of the chemical precision and complete traceability.

• Machine learning: Beyond Alea learns from production data to predict the behaviour of raw materials and power profile to reach the full potential of the plant.

Smart Foundry
Beyond Alea, applies 4.0 technologies in sensoring, capturing and analysing data in real time to maximise metal yield, minimise costs and process times on a single platform.

The use of data analysis and machine learning techniques allows the users in the metal sector, to ease the decision making as the system can automatically learn and correct itself with the generated data of the casting process.

This continuous improvement allows to have a total process control, thus obtaining a more consistent and homogeneous final product with a stable chemistry and an evident reduction in the use of raw materials, energy and melting times, resulting in a significant economic savings for the customers.

Experience in process and equipment
Beyond Alea, the new 4.0 platform for the foundry industry is the result of experience and research work carried out by the three companies, with the objective to achieve an intelligent and efficient foundry that aligns and anticipates market demands with available technology.