VHE of Iceland has an effective and efficient solution for the repair of damaged stubs – a customised stub saw and an automatic MIG welding system.

VHE’s cutting solution is a band saw, offering energy savings, a low noise profile, clean and precise cut surfaces, and easy and inexpensive blade replacement. The saw is designed to cut stubs horizontally whilst the rod remains hanging in the overhead conveyor.

System automation enables the selection of any of three cut lengths on any combination of the stubs on each anode rod.

The machine is suitable for all designs of yoke, including star and hexapod designs. After cutting, the rod moves on the overhead conveyor to the automatic MIG welding station, where the correct length of new stub is welded in place.

The smooth and precise cut surfaces produce by the VHE saw enables precise welding control of welding, producing mechanically stronger joints with significantly lowered electrical resistance.

For further information visit www.vhe.is and www.stimir.com