Alupuram Works is located in Ernakulum District of Kerala. The first extrusion press with a capacity of 1250 T was installed in 1955. The second extrusion press of capacity 3300 Tons was installed in 1961. With both the presses put together the production capacity is around 12000 TPA. With the changing market demand, the old equipments are upgraded or replaced. The major raw material used in the extrusion process is aluminum billets and Die steel. The Die shop has a production capacity of manufacturing 720 dies per annum. The cast house caters partly to the need for aluminum billets from the extrusion press. Homogenized Aluminum cut billets of 6 inch and 9-inch diameter are sourced from our own group plants Mahan/Renukoot from Dec-2004 onwards. Depending on the requirement of the extrusion plant, the billets are either sourced from the above or manufactured at Alupuram Cast house. Aluminum logs are sourced from Mahan/Renukoot, and specialty logs are cast at Alupuram. Primary Ingots are sourced from the Aditya or Hirakud plant. The die steel used for making dies is mainly of imported quality H13 steel. In the extrusion process a block of solid aluminum metal is converted into a continuous length of uniform cross section by forcing it to flow in the solid state itself, under high pressure through a die orifice, which is so shaped as to impart the required form to the product.

Pioneer AL extrusion manufacturer “HINDALCO -ALUPURAM” recognizes ASI certification to promote continual improvement & collaboratively foster the responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium towards better environmental, social & governance impacts of AL production, use & recycling for enabling a sustainable planet.

– Mohanraj P