ASI is targeting the launch of its certification program for the end of 2017.

We are currently on track with the development of all the required normative documents, and are preparing a public consultation process on the draft Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard to start in October this year.

There are a range of normative documents needed to design and run a standards system and certification program. These documents set out the key elements for how ASI Certification will be designed, implemented, overseen and improved over time.

ASI has developed an orientation document “ASI Standards Documents Overview”, also available in French, Portuguese and Chinese, to introduce stakeholders to these various elements. It describes each of the normative documents that are being developed for the ASI Certification program and their current status.

An important point is that these elements need to be well integrated with each other, and consider the desired outcomes of the program and likely implementation challenges. ASI will be working with the ASI Standards Committee, ASI members, potential auditors and stakeholders to inform the finalisation of these critical documents.