AMETEK Surface Vision has supported aluminium manufacturer Laminazione Sottile S.p.A. in meeting customer specifications for product quality.

Its SmartView® system was installed on the Italy-based company’s critical surface treatment lines, ensuring that only inspected material is further processed and brought into the market.

Installed in Brightfield configuration, with in-line inspection and Streaming Video, the system has enabled Laminazione Sottile to maintain a high level of materials quality, significantly reducing customer claims.

Laminazione Sottile makes rolled aluminium products including rigid, semi-rigid and flexible packaging, HVAC-R, automotive parts, cookware, and general engineering components. The company needed an automated system that could objectively inspect product quality in real-time, detecting defects and identifying their root causes. It also had to serve as a quality control gate for the direct sale of coils to the customer and further processing by other Laminazione Sottile Group subsidiaries.

Marco Saitta, Sales Account Manager at AMETEK Surface Vision, said: “With SmartView, inspected materials can be selected according to the end customer’s requirements. The process takes advantage of the knowledge about the current surface quality and provides the ability to correct any process upsets. Process improvements can now be planned and measured based on objective data.”

Laminazione Sottile’s Finishing Department Manager, Pierpaolo Panza, said: “The SmartView system is very reliable, maintenance-friendly, and easy to use. Our partnership with the AMETEK Surface Vision team has proven to be highly beneficial for us and our customers.”