After the orders assigned to Danieli for a hot rolling mill and a plate stretcher for the AMAG 2014 project, Austria’s leading aluminium producer recently decided to rely again on Danieli’s technological expertise.

Danieli Fröhling, known as specialist for high-performance cutting and finishing lines for aluminium strip, will supply a coil preparation station and a slitting line for the AMAG 2020 investment programme.

The equipment to be supplied will be used to prepare cold rolled coils to remove strip with undesired thickness variations both from head and tail end. Subsequently, these coils will be processed on a dedicated slitting line that will be able to slit the material in up to 4 finished strips. The large thickness range, many different finished strip widths and the big variety of alloys, required to design a slitting line that is both extremely flexible as well as fast in threading and program changing times, and at the same time, that provides smooth strip handling for sensitive alloys to keep the mechanical properties of the strip as desired.

Danieli Fröhling’s order includes the entire technological equipment, auxiliary units, scrap handling systems as well as electrics and automation. The lines shall be in production in 2017.