ALVANCE Aluminium Group, GFG Alliance’s global aluminium division, has today announced the appointment of Guillaume de Goÿs as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO) to drive the Group’s expansion and synergies across its upstream and downstream activities.

Headquartered in Paris, ALVANCE is a leading aluminium producer offering its customers a unique low carbon product in Europe from primary aluminium to recycled product. ALVANCE supplies a broad spectrum of consumers including: aerospace and automotive; food and drink; medical supplies; and printing.

Guillaume is one of the most experienced figures in the French aluminium sector. He has been the Managing Director of Aluminium Dunkerque, Europe’s largest aluminium producer, since 2016 and has also held senior roles at Carbone Savoie, Rio Tinto Alcan and Michelin in international postings in countries including Cameroon, Poland, the US and Thailand.

Aluminium Dunkerque’s Director of Operations, Amélie Hennion, will take on the plant’s Managing Director role and direct the site’s cornerstone activities in ALVANCE’s value chain.

Commenting on the appointment, GFG Alliance’s Chief Operating Officer Arnaud de Weert said: “I am delighted to announce the appointment of Guillaume de Goÿs as ALVANCE’s new COO. Guillaume’s experience, forged over many years in the industry and through his excellent stewardship of Dunkerque – the largest smelter in Europe – makes him the obvious choice to lead the Group’s expansion across the entire aluminium production cycle. He was there at the genesis of our business and helped to define our vision and strategy – he is uniquely placed to now take that vision forward.”

Guillaume will oversee all of its operations from its primary upstream businesses, including Aluminium Dunkerque and the UK’s only remaining aluminium smelter at Fort William in Scotland, to its downstream operations at ALVANCE Wheels France, France’s only manufacturer of aluminium wheels at Chateauroux, and engine cast part producers ALVANCE Aluminium Technologies Poitou and ALVANCE Cast Products Poitou. ALVANCE is also working towards the completion of its purchase of Belgium’s 1,200 worker Duffel aluminium rolling facilities near Brussels, which was recently approved by the European Commission.

Guillaume’s immediate focus will be on leading ALVANCE’s successful response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, managing the challenges of those sites which have remained open throughout the lockdown and directing the restarts of those which had to suspend production.

Guillaume will drive ALVANCE’s work to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 through its GREENALUMINIUM sustainable production model. ALVANCE is already the only European aluminium producer to offer this unique low carbon product and has an ongoing campaign for neutrality.

Sanjeev Gupta, GFG Alliance’s Executive Chairman said: “I have enjoyed working with Guillaume since the creation of ALVANCE and have a great respect for his experience in leading Dunkerque. GFG is pleased that he’s taking the reins to lead ALVANCE’s operations and its expansion plans. ALVANCE has adopted GFG’s CN30 target and I have faith in Guillaume’s ability to help deliver this value added proposition for our customers.”

Guillaume de Goÿs said: “I am excited to take on this new role and particularly at such a crucial time for our business and the wider industry. I am also pleased to be leaving Dunkerque in Amelie’s capable hands – I have worked with her and the team for many years and believe the site is fortunate to have such an experienced and professional group at the helm.

“Although some aspects of the lockdown are easing, we are nonetheless in unprecedented times and dealing with wide ranging economic and societal impacts – impacts that we must carefully manage as we move forward. Throughout the crisis, my colleagues across the business have done their utmost to maintain our operations wherever possible and have done so with the highest regard to safety and professionalism. I pay tribute to their efforts and am honoured to be given the opportunity to build on their work, to help drive the group’s expansion and to establish ourselves as a truly sustainable, challenger brand in the market.”