Alupro launched its sustainability manifesto, which focuses on seven goals to change the approach taken towards packaging and waste management, and promote a successful circular economy.

Tom Giddings, Executive Director of Alupro, presented the launch, outlining the seven point manifesto. The seven points included:

1. There must be consistency of local authority kerbside collections.

2. Local authorities and responsible parties must put in place ambitious on-the-go recycling and collection infrastructure.

3. Authorities and responsible parties must collaborate with industry to deliver consistent communications campaigns.

4. The Government and responsible parties must implement a well-designed Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for the UK that promotes collection of at least 90% of all drink containers.

5. The Government and responsible parties must implement a well-designed and cost-effective Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system.

6. The Government and responsible parties must support innovation, investment of infrastructure and deployment of proven technologies that facilitate the widespread recycling of packaging.

7. Energy From Waste is an important stage in waste management and the recovery of valuable metals from Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) ensures permanent materials such as aluminium are retained in the circular economy.

(Points have been shortened, for full details on the manifesto’s seven points, visit:

Attending the launch, and speaking, was Neil Parish, MP. He noted that the one of the main challenges of recycling in the UK has been caused by the “lack of uniformity in recycling systems, as each local authority has a different method and different rules when it comes to recycling.” He continued, “Consumers have become confused, and who can blame them?”

Following her colleague, fellow MP, Ruth Jones also reiterated the need for communication “across the sectors as to why aluminium is so vital to recycling and a circular economy.” She concluded, “The need to protect our planet and preserve it is vital.”

Novelis representative, Andy Doran, Senior Manager of Sustainability and Recycling Development next went on to show support for Alupro as Novelis announces its ambition to be the world leader in providing low carbon, sustainable aluminium solutions. He went onto discuss the Novelis’ Latchford recycling plant, one of the largest in Europe, and its role in the manifesto. Mr Doran then extracted three main points from the manifesto, asserting emphasis on Communication, Quality and Coverage with regards to recycling.

Ardagh Packaging and Scanmetals, both of which highlighted the importance of Alupro’s points six and seven, joined the launch. They both emphasised the importance of end-of-life materials and its vital role in ensuring aluminum can fulfill the circular lifestyle it is known for.

“We are left with a hopeful image of a hopeful future, a hopeful sustainable future,” concluded Tom Giddings.

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