ALUMINIUM USA will take place on 31st August, in collaboration with the Aluminium Association and CRU.

The partnership between the three organisers provides a platform that will enable companies to rekindle commercial and technical networking contacts.

The conference schedule will comprise of technical presentations and discussions around the unprecedented change encompassing the aluminium industry. Including details on the supply chain, demand, the global perspective of production and exports, de-carbonization and more. Senior decision-makers and industry professionals will be given access to relevant information to be better equipped for the aluminium industry’s changes, with leading insights from key experts.

For the first time, attendees and exhibitors will be able to purchase access to the conference directly in registration. The curated sessions include:

• Global Perspectives: Central Theme: “Is Global Cooperation in Trade Still Possible?

• Macro-Economy: Central Theme: “Coping with Inflation After a Long Absence”

• Primary Aluminium Supply-Demand: Central Theme: “Is the Era of China Systemic Surplus Over?”

• Recycled Aluminium: Central Theme: “Rising importance in a carbon-constrained world”

• Supply Chain: Central Theme: “Global supply chains under stress, temporary or paradigm shift?”

• De-Carbonization: Central Theme: “Changing Material Choices in a Carbon-Constrained World”

• Demand Growth Opportunities: Central Theme: “Multiple Paths to High Growth in the Era of Fast-Changing Markets”

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