Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) has announced that Eurofoil has been successfully certified against the ASI Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard for its two rolling operations in France and Luxembourg.

The rolling mills supply foil to customers in various sectors, including packaging, automotive, building, among other industrial sectors.

Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at ASI said, “We warmly congratulate Eurofoil on their dual ASI Certifications. Packaging sector companies continue to achieve ASI Certification in order to be able to offer aluminium foil products that are produced responsibly and support the growing sustainability focus from downstream use sectors. Aluminium foil-based packaging often ends up in the hands of the end consumer, including in its simplest form as household foil, and ASI Certifications can help extend broader awareness of aluminium’s sustainability credentials.”

Yann Sauvage, Quality System Manager at Eurofoil said, “Eurofoil companies intend to become a world-class manufacturer of aluminium foil and we are committed to applying the highest standards applicable to our business activities. As a manufacturer of high-quality aluminium foil, we are pleased to participate in ASI as an active member, because we thoroughly believe ourselves about the overall benefits of ASI’s program. We’re proud that ASI Performance Standard and Chain of Custody certifications have been granted to us and we will continue to follow the relevant ASI guidelines to improve our global management system. All environmental, social and governance values are a part of our business strategy in order to offer to our customers aluminium products that are sourced and produced responsibly along the entire value chain.”