Ian Oliver (pictured) joins ALFED as marketing and communications manager, bringing extensive experience gained with companies such as Peugeot and Wolseley.

“This important appointment comes at an exciting time both for the aluminium sector and for ALFED,” said Will Savage, ALFED chief executive. “Aluminium is increasingly being chosen for its lightness, durability and sustainability by a range of industrial sectors, especially construction and automotive.

“2015 is set to be another landmark year for the use of aluminium in UK manufacturing with the launch of the Jaguar XE, a ground-breaking saloon model that uses aluminium for 75% of its bodyshell.

“It is also a time of change for ALFED. Our great strength is that we speak for the entire UK industry, from primary aluminium producers through processors and distributors of various types, to companies producing an end product in aluminium. Membership of this latter group is currently growing, as aluminium is adopted for an increasing number of manufacturing applications.”