Where steel was once used, aluminium is now driving the future: The ALUMINIUM Business Summit will celebrate its premiere at the Old Steelworks in Düsseldorf from 28 to 29 September.

The Aluminium Business Summit is set to follow a new hybrid format; the CRU Group and European Aluminium have come together to offer a new platform for technological, legislative and industrial exchange, enabling a constructive dialogue to tackle the biggest challenges of the future: low-carbon mobility, digitization, sustainability and the future rules of the international market. The participants have the choice to be present live at the networking event in Düsseldorf or to follow the keynotes, discussion rounds and interviews online.

Under the heading "Shaping a new Industrial era", the programme focuses on the necessary transformation of the aluminium industry in order to be prepared for the future demands of its markets.

Marius Baader, Managing Director Aluminium Deutschland, commented:

"The aluminium industry is an important partner for many industries worldwide… These big issues, also for the future of our industry, can only be discussed together in personal exchange,"

Marius Baader, Managing Director Aluminium Deutschland

The summit will tackle questions on the materials race, realistic goals of the industry, discuss the diverse uses of materials, digital solutions in the post-Corona era, how human AI can help mastering the challenges of digital transformation and more. Conversations on the topic will discussed with Christoph Stürmer (PwC), Manuel Kallweit (VDA), Alois Winkler (AUDI) and Blanka Lenczowski (Airbus Defence and Space), Andre Barten (Achenbach) and Mike Goertz (ABB Germany), among others.

Dominic Halahan of CRU states his opinion on the transformation of industries,

"The aluminium industry is going through a period of transformation. Sustainability is driving technological developments in primary and secondary markets, new demand applications, product development and changes in China’s position in export markets,"

Dominic Halahan of CRU

The ALUMINIUM Business Summit will also go into the topics of sustainability and international markets. Experts such as Serge Gaudin (Novelis) will show how recycled aluminium has become a key factor for the circular economy and decarbonisation. In addition to the growing importance of recycling, the Summit explores the impact decarbonisation may have on global supply chains or how China's role in the global aluminium industry is changing.

Another critical discussion will cover role and future of the European aluminium industry. "Aluminium is one of the most important materials in Europe's transition to a carbon-neutral and circular economy," says Dr. Gerd Götz, Director General of European Aluminium.

In addition to the Summit programme, participants will also find products, services and innovations from the aluminium industry in the digital "Exhibitor Hub".

"The aluminium industry is an important partner for many industries worldwide. And each of these industries has challenges: Decarbonisation, technical transformations, increased requirements for recycling processes are highly relevant topics."

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