Aluminerie Alouette successfully finished a major step in its intensive relining program on June 28th and started 140 AP40 pots in 180 days in the frame to move from AP40LE to AP40 Technology.

Aluminerie Alouette is back with 594 pots in operation going on track to achieve 600,000 tpy production and targeting 630,000 tpy in coming years through increase to 395 kA intensity & implementation of Forced cooling Network.

"This achievement is underlining great team work, including contractors. It is a great job, well done," quoted Patrice L’Huillier, CEO and President.

"After visit of Prime Minister J. Trudeau in May 21st in Aluminerie Alouette to announce removal of US tariffs on Canadian Aluminium & Steel, we have been glad to get the recent announcement about Natural Gas access to North Coast of Quebec (where Alouette is located) and will start to work on project to convert our 4 baking furnaces from Fuel to Natural gas leading to major effect from environmental and cost point of view."