Mehdi Ben Tahar, R&D extrusion engineer at Constellium, said: “We have decided to use HyperXtrude, the dedicated software in the HyperWorks Suite for the simulation of the extrusion process, because it offers a robust solver and a user-friendly graphical interface,” adding that the Altair system was one of the most efficient solutions in terms of CPU time. "the close contact we have with the Altair support and development teams is of great advantage for us," he said.

Constellium extrudes aluminium alloys for a wide range of applications in various markets, such as the aerospace, automotive and rail industries. The company's research center is world-renowned in aluminium metallurgy innovations and offers its skills to the entire company. Its major focus is the support of the growth of the company’s businesses through the design and development of such innovative aluminium-based solutions and processes as melting, casting, recycling, extrusion, rolling and finishing.

Mauro Guglielminotti, director of Southern Europe and Africa and managing director of Altair, France, said, "HyperXtrude offers the right features to address the complex requirements for the simulation of metal extrusion. The ability to optimise the forming processes prior to production leads to materials savings, increased tool life and maximized economic utilisation of the equipment.”

Altair HyperXtrude is described as 'an advanced solver for manufacturing process simulations and validations'. It is claimed to be 'highly robust, accurate and easy to use', and provides 'the best and well-customised simulation solutions for metal extrusion, polymer extrusion, billet forging, friction stir welding, metal rolling, and resin transfer molding'.

Furthermore, it 'accurately simulates the material flow and heat transfer during manufacturing processes allowing the users to significantly reduce die design time and costly die try-outs'.