The investments led to larger output of higher added value products, improving quality of products and work productivity.

Gheorghe Dobra, General Manager of Alro Slatina said: Since 2008, we laid a foundation that led to a competitive cost structure. This cost cutting programme helped us better build on the improved situation from the aluminium market.

"It also allows us, on the long run to implement our development strategy, idled during the worst moments of the international crisis”.

The company increased production capacity, following a $3.3M investment in new equipment and facilities for aluminium production, for the new mill for wire rod and for the Cold Rolling Mill. Alro also focused on reducing industrial water and gas consumption, after a $2.13M programme implemented last year.

As a result, primary aluminium productivity increased from 89.2t/employee in 2008, to 126.1t/employee in 2010.

According to Romanian Accountancy Standards, for 2010, Alro reported a preliminary net profit of $50.48M in 2010.