The UK Aluminium Federation (ALFED) has announced the release of its Net Zero Report, which supports the need for decarbonisation, sustainable sourcing, and transition to a circular economy.

These actions were previously outlined in ALFED’s early Roadmap and while they remain crucial, the new report includes contributions and challenge from members, stakeholders, and industry representatives to present a bolder and braver vision for greater collaboration and increased action.

ALFED’s members ambition clearly identifies that the work towards Net Zero is not just a positive opportunity for change, but a direction that enables the UK industry to deliver on a vision which is in our best interests.

In compiling the report, all responses from across industry were included and the overwhelming theme focused on collaboration and taking a systematic approach to solution development to realise greater opportunities for intervention and investment in the UK.

The sector objectives are detailed throughout, with an emerging action plan to support a Net Zero transformation by 2050, to drive innovation and develop a Sustain Aluminium centre in the UK, affiliated with many UK and Global Academic institutions.

"This document vision and outlined action plan represents the best thinking of the stakeholders and knowledge partners involved to date. It is not the whole story, and we may not have all the right first steps, but the possibilities are endless; from more regular updates on a particular subject, through bid development, to involvement or leadership of an initiative or project.

“Collaboration is going to be key within our sector and across others. We have more in common with our industry and manufacturing neighbours than we have differences, and we will need to work together to build bigger conversations and bigger opportunities for change and resilience in the UK.

“To achieve this vision, ALFED will work collaboratively to maximise the contribution of the UK aluminium sector in achieving the transformation, such that all aluminium production and recycling will be Net Zero by 2050,” says Nadine Bloxsome, Membership & Sustainability Manager, ALFED.

Released to coincide with the UK Metals Expo, taking place in Birmingham from 14th – 15th September, the report will be made available to all ALFED members, prospects and industry colleagues, as well as distributed to visitors at the UKME and other industry exhibitions.

The report can be downloaded from the ALFED website: or collect your free copy from the ALFED stand at the UK Metals Expo: E26.